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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Oops! Look Again!

Look at what's right, not at what's wrong. 

Medalist: Michael Phelps, as a child, suffered from ADHD.  Today he holds 23 GOLD MEDALS!

Artist:  Leonardo DaVinci wrote backwards and had "developmental problems."  That must have been before he painted the MONA LISA or THE LAST SUPPER!

Inventor:  Edison's teacher called him "addled" or "mentally ill."  He dropped out of school before he INVENTED THE LIGHT BULB!

Orator:  Woodrow Wilson, called "dull and backward" because he didn't learn to read until age 11, became the 28th PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

Mathematician:  Albert Einstein's teacher predicted that "nothing good" would come out of him.  He dropped out of high school before he discovered the THEORY OF GENERAL RELATIVITY.

Cartoonist:  Walt Disney's fifth grade teacher told him, "Walter, flowers don't have faces."  Thanks, Walt, for DISNEYLAND!

Victim:  Harvey Williams started school at age 13 and failed Algebra 3 times.   Today he holds THREE DOCTORAL DEGREES.

Teachers, about that child that drives you crazy...take another look.

Parents, about that strong-willed child...look again.

Look at what's right, not at what's wrong. 

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