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Monday, November 30, 2015

Pay It Forward

Christmas is a season of giving.  Ask your students to give, too.

When I created SCORE, we designed multiple interventions for our students.  We called it "spoon feeding" them.  We counseled, tutored, motivated, offered field trips, worked with their parents.  It was wonderful, and they responded...

The first year.

By year 2, they began dropping out.  We had to re-think our effort and realized that "spoon feeding" is for infants.  By year 2, they were ready to give back.  If we didn't create an opportunity for that to happen, they looked for another cause to become involved in.

We designed a 4-year plan that started with "spoon feeding."  Year 2, we continued services, but they had a responsibility to mentor younger classmates.  By year 3, their responsibilities increased and their services increased.  By their senior year, they had a wealth of experience...mentoring, tutoring, providing guidance and information...and they got more benefits.

It worked!  In our first graduating class, 40% graduated in the top 12 1/2% of their class.

With opportunity comes responsibility.  Pay it Forward!