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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Passion and Expertise: The Twins of Success

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." - Confucius

 As part of their career assessment, I ask my students, "What do you do where it seems like time stands still?  Where you lose yourself in the joy of what you are doing?"

That points us to their passion.

Yes, many of today's children answer "computer games."  That doesn't mean they will grow up to be programmers.  Maybe...but it tells me they like fast action, have a good sense of logic, and like to win!  I can use these to help them find a direction for choosing a career.

I also ask, "What are you really good at?  Better than most of your friends?"  That points to their expertise.

Interesting...high risk students know what they're bad at.  They have trouble identifying and voicing their strengths.

In our first motivation lesson, students interview a seat mate and introduce them by telling something they are good at and something they want to do in life.  In middle school, students are at diverse stages of development.  On the islands in one class, the football player was paired with the smallest child in the classroom.  He was totally intimidated so I helped get the conversation started.  The smaller child could not look the "big guy" in the eyes.  With my help, he finally told the football player, "I am very good at climbing coconut trees." A mutual admiration friendship was formed!

Jim Dobson advises, "make sure your children can hold their own at something."  His father helped him learn to play tennis.  Although known for child psychology rather than sports, the ability to play better than average became part of his self esteem and still carries him through tough times.

Put The Two Together.
When passion meets talent, our children are motivated to better their skills.  They will pay the price to develop their talent, whatever it is.  Expertise plus passion equals success...in life, and in a career.