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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Build a Bridge, Not a Wall; Not a War

When our children are angry at us...at a friend...at a teacher...at life, they either:

     Act out or
     Wall off

We teach them to win their arguments by using the skill of "Feedback."  They are to "Build a bridge, not a wall, and not a war."  When they find themselves angry, they:
  1. Take a deep breath
  2. Think about it for a few moments
  3. Assume the other person wants to resolve the conflict (usually they do after they cool down)
  4. Ask non-threatening questions (tone of voice has a lot to do with how the other person perceives a threat)
  5. Provide new information and ask for clarification
  6. Put their emotions, assumptions, and body language into words and ask for clarification
I wish our politicians and protesters would use these skills.  Win-win is the only acceptable resolution.  When we think "win-lose," we may win the battle...but we always lose the war.

Is your child the victim of bullying?  Watch our YouTube video "The Power of the Walk Away," (click below).  Glean wisdom from Shirley Zink, director of the SACK Foundation (Simple Acts of Care and Kindness):

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