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Lockett Learning Systems

Friday, May 3, 2019

To Friend or Not To Friend? That is the question.

Friend!  That is the answer.

So often we tell our children to just be quiet and study.  That is about the least effective way to learn...even for our not so social students.

The more senses you use, the more rapidly learning will occur.

Even though our children may socialize in the study process, they learn more when they have a conversation about the content.   The benefit far outweighs the problem.  In fact, some researchers say the "bird walks" to socialize are also a valuable part of the learning process. 

Discussion is such a powerful way to learn that I recommend students have conversations with themselves when they study alone!

Since finals are upon us, let me recommend our YouTube video about how to learn Smarter, Not Harder:  

Study, Study, Study for the Test, Test, Test