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Friday, December 2, 2016

Merry Christmas

I'm a sucker for Christmas.  I love it all.  I celebrate it all...Baby Jesus, Santa Claus, gifts, stocking stuffers.  And the music!  I love it all, too...from Santa Baby! to The Messiah.  I once saw a spiritual dance of the Hallelujah Chorus.  It touched something deep within my soul.  I am forever changed because of this one wonderful experience.

As Christmas approaches in our schools, we are faced with multiple religious beliefs and multiple traditions for the holidays. Most of our children are excited to share their activities with their friends.

But...some of the most trouble children I see are those whose parents don't celebrate anything at Christmas because, in their words, "it is a lie."  I see these children when the parents aren't around.  They create an imaginary Christmas. They tell their friends they got presents from Santa Claus. They make up stories about programs and pageants. In their imaginations, they celebrate.  Religious or not, Christmas is an important part of American culture.

I honor your belief system even when it differs dramatically from mine, but I send you a word of caution. When you take something away, there is a void. If you choose not to do traditional Christmas celebrations… Santa Claus, and the birth of Jesus…, Create a new celebration. Give your children something positive to talk about.  If not, they will imagine it themselves.  They need to belong.

Whatever your beliefs and traditions, may the Christ of Christmas live in your hearts.  May the birth of a Savior long ago in Bethlehem fill you with wonder and with hope.  May you be blessed because He lives.