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Friday, March 1, 2019

Pass On Your Priorities . Use "Parent Power"

I said an earthly good-bye to a dear friend and professional mentor last week.  Since then, I have spent much time reflecting on what is truly important in life and asking myself if I am living and sharing what I truly believe.  

Dr. Kogee Thomas was a rare and amazing person from so many perspectives.  One of her greatest sources of pride was her education.

More than 60% of US high school students go to college.  Only 17% of American Indians go.  Kogee went.

Approximately 28% of American students complete college.  Only 13% of American Indian students do so.  Kogee was one of the 13%.

In 2017, only 109 American Indian students earned a PhD.  That's .19% of the 54,664 PhD's awarded that year by American colleges and universities.  Kogee is one of the 109. 
  • Kogee truly believed that everyone should have a quality education.
  • She took time to connect with friends.
  • She always had a new joke.
  • She believed that life is bigger than we are and that we should invest in eternity while we are here.  That included protecting the earth for future generations and preparing ourselves for the afterlife.  
  • She had a deep faith.  She is one of the few that manage to connect head and heart.
I am lucky that she was my mentor. I am blessed that she called me friend.

Kogee believed that parents have great power in the educational system...and that they should use it.  

Listen to her interview, "Parent Power," on our YouTube channel.

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Parent Power

I've been reflecting especially this last week.  I live a blessed life.  I have a deep faith.  I am learning, now, better ways to pass on my values and live my beliefs.

What about you?