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Lockett Learning Systems

Monday, March 7, 2016

Top Down or Bottom Up?

I had the privilege of visiting a school that had fully implemented a SCORE program in less than six weeks.  I asked the principal his secret.

I followed a principal who was well loved by the faculty.  I realized I couldn't quickly change things so instead I spent my entire staff development budget last year allowing faculty to visit schools that were implementing exciting reforms.  They returned saying, "Why don't we do that!"

This year, we did!  They were ready, they selected the innovation, and it was smooth and easy. 

That's the key.  "Top Down" change faces implementation sabotage.  "Bottom Up" change faces administrative budget cuts.  You have to communicate...create...cooperate.

When an administrator follows a respected leader, change must be gradual.  When an administrator follows a disliked leader, change must be immediate.  But change must always be mutual.

Teachers, this works in the classroom, too.  When you inspire students to want to learn what you are teaching, your job is so much more rewarding.  Communicate...create...cooperate.

When planning your summer staff development, consider SCORE, a division of Lockett Learning Systems. SCORE is validated by the United States Department of Education for effectiveness in getting high-risk students turned on to learning, achieving in a rich curriculum at a level of content mastery, and graduating ready and eligible for the college or career of their choice.

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