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Monday, April 1, 2019

I'm Tired of the Homework Hassle

"I'm so tired of the homework hassle.  I finally gave up and told my son to just stay in his room for an hour.  I don't want to help him with homework any more, and I don't want to fight him about doing it.  Now he's a mess because he's not ready for finals.  When he's stressed, my life is crazy miserable."

Haven't we all felt this way!  We probably reached this point many times as students ourselves.  A version of this quote preys on every parent's mind.  Let me try to uncork it for you:

  1. I agree.  I'm a teacher, and I don't like the homework hassle.  I resent that a teacher has the power to determine how I spend my free time with my children.  
  2. Homework is a fact of life.  It will continue whether or not you approve and whether or not you help with it.
  3. Homework doesn't have to be punitive, and it can be fun.
  4. Studying with friends sends important messages.  Don't isolate your children.  Let them study with friends.  Making homework social gets the homework done with less hassle and sends a message that peers do homework, too.
  5. When they study with friends, you can share the work with other parents. 
  6. You have homework, too.  When your children moan about doing homework, remind them that after they finish school, everything is homework.  If you help them with their homework, they must help you with yours. 
  7. Remember that healthy snacks are part of the homework process.  You'll be surprised at how much easier homework is with food.
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"In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.  You find the fun and - SNAP - the job's a game."  Mary Poppins by Pamela Lyndon Travers