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Saturday, April 1, 2017

How Do You Remember...

A child's life is so busy.  School, homework, sports, church, play, music, family...the list is endless!  How do they fit everything into their schedule and still have time to study?  How can we as educators or we as parents help?

Follow the rules!

Use the sets of 3 rule.  Three repetitions is better than 100.  After you repeat something three times, you shift into neutral and quit processing.
Use the 5 to 15 minute rule.  Study at least 5 minutes but no longer than 15.  After 15 minutes of cramming, your brain goes to sleep.  Let it rest!
Use the divide and conquer rule.  Study only what you don't know.  When children say they studied all night, usually they were going over everything instead of focusing. 
Use the "more senses, more learning" rule.  The more of you you put into learning, the more likely you are to remember.  Don't study quietly; study out loud!

Now the good news!  You can find 5 minutes almost anywhere!  Study as you drive to school.  Study as you sit in a waiting room.  Study as you wait for your turn at a sports match.  Study as you wait for a timer to go off in your kitchen.  Your grades will love you!

Here is one tool we use in SCORE that you can adapt to meet your needs:

The 5 to 15 Minute Rule

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