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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Oops! Look Again!

Look at what's right, not at what's wrong. 

Medalist: Michael Phelps, as a child, suffered from ADHD.  Today he holds 23 GOLD MEDALS!

Artist:  Leonardo DaVinci wrote backwards and had "developmental problems."  That must have been before he painted the MONA LISA or THE LAST SUPPER!

Inventor:  Edison's teacher called him "addled" or "mentally ill."  He dropped out of school before he INVENTED THE LIGHT BULB!

Orator:  Woodrow Wilson, called "dull and backward" because he didn't learn to read until age 11, became the 28th PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

Mathematician:  Albert Einstein's teacher predicted that "nothing good" would come out of him.  He dropped out of high school before he discovered the THEORY OF GENERAL RELATIVITY.

Cartoonist:  Walt Disney's fifth grade teacher told him, "Walter, flowers don't have faces."  Thanks, Walt, for DISNEYLAND!

Victim:  Harvey Williams started school at age 13 and failed Algebra 3 times.   Today he holds THREE DOCTORAL DEGREES.

Teachers, about that child that drives you crazy...take another look.

Parents, about that strong-willed child...look again.

Look at what's right, not at what's wrong. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Music, Music, Music!

Sing this to the tune of "Christmas is a Comin'"

Summer is a comin' and the beach fires are ablaze.
Be sure to bring the makings for the smores to feed your face.
If you haven't got the smore stuff, then a grunion hunt for you.
There really are fish grunion, but I've only seen a few.

Sing!  It keeps the heart alive.  It keeps the mind alert.  It's a great way to learn.

Indulge me in a grandson story.  I love telling grandson stories.

My 4 1/2-year-old grandson is so ready for kindergarten.  He's gearing up as the school-age children are shutting down to enjoy their summer.  We cleaned out his toy box, and the puzzle pieces were hiding in various and sundry places.  I wouldn't let him put them back until all the pieces were accounted for and together.  Soon I glanced over to find him filling in his alphabet puzzle.  He was singing with all the motions,

Where is A-a?  Where is A-a?  Here it is!  Here it is!  How are you today, sir?  Very well I thank you.  Put it away.  Put it away.

If he lands a teacher who values talking, singing, moving, and choosing, he will shine!  If he lands a teacher who wants order and quiet in the classroom, they both are doomed!  Oh, he can do order and quiet...but not for long stretches of time.  He needs music and movement.  When those needs are met, he can do it all.  When they aren't, he becomes a problem.  Even though he is my grandson, he can be a headache to teachers!

Do you have my grandsons in your classes?  Meet their needs.  Check out multiple intelligence research and methodology.  Learn about personality and learning styles.  Vary your techniques so everyone shines.

Howard Gardner on Multiple Intelligences
Personality and Learning Styles